Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sasquatch Sighting!

By Eric Burkholder

In the era of perpetual reality TV offerings it is no surprise that Big Foot has finally nabbed his own TV series.  And like most outrageous reality TV I caught myself watching for a few minutes.

While it’s almost impossible not to enjoy the spectacle of grown men and women hunting down the elusive beast and honing their Big Foot Call, most rational viewers shake their head at the futility of the exercise.  Where is the substantial proof?  This is not the 1960s.  Fuzzy videos are ancient history.  We have night vision goggles, infrared cameras, and HD video in the hands of almost every cell phone owner.  Surely some irrefutable evidence would have surfaced by now.  If you are to convince me I want an image so clear I can count his pearly whites.  That is the type of evidence the technology today demands.